Sunday, March 30, 2014

#Pops from Little Fugitive

Pops being an abbreviation of popsicle, ice cream on a stick, a delicacy much appreciated by the children in this movie. It tells us the beautiful, innocent and whimsical tale of Joey, a young boy who is tricked by his brother and friends into thinking he has killed his brother. He then escapes to Coney Island and even though he is petrified he starts to adapt and does things naturally and casually. He plays games, eats a whole lot of snacks, rides poneys and collects empty soda bottles in the beach to get money. The soundtrack is excellent and so is the cinematography, the child actors while being amateur look so real that it feels like they reach outside the camera. I'm really glad I've found this movie because it shows a lot of snacks and because all in all this movie is a treasure.

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