Sunday, February 23, 2014

#Meat monster from John dies at the end

What a trip of a movie. It was adapted from a book with the same name and judging by the film it must be a really interesting and mind-bending book. John Dies at the end feels a lot like a cult film , it has a pace, style and mood of its own. The humor is original and dark and all the characters have their particular quirks, as for the story, it's a mind twisting, brain teaser and compelling surreal adventure. It all begins with a substance called soy sauce which can give you terrible allucinations and completely shred your whole reality creating a lot of different ones, realities where everything  is a bit different, like hot dogs who are telephones, moustaches that change into butterflies and a huge monster made up of sausages and ribs, like a walking meat shop stand. An amusing joy ride on surreality ville.

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