Saturday, February 8, 2014

#Parmentier from La Souffle au coeur (Murmur of the heart)

Most coming-of-age movies are good but it all depends on the character, in this case, Laurent who lives with his father, mother and two brothers. They are a upper-class family and Laurent's life is comfortable, he buys jazz records, gets to go out whenever he wants to, however his curiosity about relationships and other issues begins to emerge. His two older brothers besides teaching him how to play spinach tennis (basically a person throws some spinach with the spoon like a catapult and then the other person catches it with her dish) also let him drink alcohol and take him to not so appropriate places for 14 year old kids, even though it was the 50's.  The story is told in a very light mood however some scenes and themes in the movie are a bit heavy.

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