Saturday, February 1, 2014

#Party platter from The Room

I think that if that lady from The Ring saw this movie she would probably cut some footage to use on her scary tapes. It's not that this movie is frightening, at least not in the normal sense of the term, but it does hold some power on the viewer. It cost 8 million to make but it looks and feels like a low budget, it was shot in two formats, 35 mm and digital. The story is filled with subplots that are not continued which adds to the charm of this independent film that amassed a huge cult following, being called "the citizen kane of bad movies". The number of quotes that can be used in real life is impressive and they always manage to be hilarious even though 11 years have passed so don't let The Room's charm fade away, also, the party platter looks decent enough and fresh, I guess.

an amazing game that is a tribute to the room

a very amusing book about the making of the room

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