Thursday, January 23, 2014

#Goblin food from Troll 2

If you move to a town called Niblog where all the locals are only interested in making you eat food with a green substance on top, chances are that your life is fascinating but you are also at risk of becoming a goblin so you better not eat that food. I guess Joshua would agree. Joshua is the little boy and main character in this movie. He will try to save his family from becoming goblins with the help of his dead grandfather, grandpa Seth who comes to him in visions. Will they make it? Maybe. This movie has remarkable scenes, like the popcorn love scene, a man turned into a plant, the final party scene and a lot of great quotes all around. If you eat goblin food you'll sweat green, feel sick and become a vegetable only to be eaten by voracious goblins so it's best not to touch that food even though that cake with white frosting made me think twice.

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