Saturday, January 11, 2014

#Jail Food in Espelho Mágico (Magic Mirror)

Manoel de Oliveira's movies are a bit of an adquired taste like gorgonzola cheese, haggis and other foodies. Once you get it into your palate you'll probably enjoy it better than other food. This movie does not feature a lot of foodie characters and only manages to show some jail food and an aristocratic dinner, however the movie in itself is a feast for the eyes in terms of cinematography and camera work. The story is about a young man (Luciano) who is released from prison and with the help of his brother gets a job at a mansion of a very rich lady (Alfreda) who is obsessed with only one thing : meeting and seeing the Virgin Mary and with the help of a friend, Luciano will glady fulfill her wishes. This movie mixes drama with very refined humour and those two genres work very well together, the comedy is very subtle like the perfect amount of cinnamon on apple strudel.

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