Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#Mutant food from ExistenZ

When you are in a restaurant sometimes it's nice to order the "special" but if you are in a David Cronenberg film that can be distressing, you can end up with a large tray of simmered "two-headed mutant lizard" on a bed of lettuce and if you do eat it up you can use the remains to build a gun. It's like a creepy kinder surprise. The story begins with Allegra Geller, a successful virtual games designer who has created a radical new way of gaming by inventing a console that is a living organism and can be plugged directly into the gamer's spinal cord.The movie is brilliant in drawing a thin line between virtual reality and reality, which one is which, what is real? I dunno. I know the "special" may not be in the real reality because I couldn't find a recipe for it.

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